Irish Post Awards

Delighted to give the keynote address to the annual Irish Post Awards in London- stunning event with over 1500 people and televised live on TG4. Great to catch up with Award winner Bob Geldof. Hats off to Elgin Loane and his team at the Irish Post……they really know how to put on a classy Diaspora […]

RWC 2023 and the Diaspora

Close but no cigar as the commendable Irish bid to host the 2023 Rugby World Cup came up a tad short. On the merits Ireland deserved to win it but, at the end of the day, the money won out. Sad, and a reflection of our times and hard not to be a bit cynical. […]

DM Networking Presentation and the National University of Singapore

I recently had the opportunity of giving a presentation on Networking to the students and staff of the Centre for Future-ready Graduates (CFG) at the National University of Singapore (NUS), Asia’s leading university and in the top twenty in the world. The CFG has over 50 staff and is less than two years old and […]

McKinsey on Migration

McKinsey on Migration

Kingsley’s Blog – Given the tumultuous and tawdry events of the past year there have been spectacular winners (and how…!!!) and dramatic losers and in that latter category must go migrants and the whole issue of migration – possibly the most toxic topic in current politics. Thus it is timely and encouraging that such a […]

HRA Conference in Washington DC


KINGSLEY’S BLOG – Spoke at the HRA Conference in Washington DC – made up of Caribbean countries who want to develop ways to connect with their Diasporas and particularly interested in the Irish Diaspora Engagement Model.

DM in Georgia to Present to the Innovation and Technology Agency

DM in Georgia to Present to the Innovation and Technology Agency

DIASPORA EVENT – Kingsley Aikins of Diaspora Matters is here pictured with Gila Dumbadze, The Minister for the Diaspora of Georgia, in Tbilisi last weekend. Kingsley was invited by the International Organisation for Migration and gave a presentation to the Innovation and Technology Agency with a particular emphasis on how Ireland, India, Israel and other […]

Legal & Finance Network Event

Legal & Finance Network Event

KINGSLEY’S BLOG – Hats off to Justin Meagher and Ken Kennedy for coming up with the idea of, and executing brilliantly, the Legal and Finance Network event in the Aviva Stadium recently. Combining Tag Rugby with a Networking session was a potent cocktail and I was delighted to team up with GAA star Alan Brogan, […]

DM Welcomes Georgians to Dublin

KINGSLEY’s BLOG – Diaspora Matters welcomed a delegation from Georgia to Dublin a few weeks agoto study the Diaspora Engagement model that Ireland has developed. This is the third time in the last couple of years that Diaspora Matters have worked with the Georgians who have developed a series of innovative initiatives to reach out […]