The Other One Percent – Indians in America

Read this fascinating book recently – The Other One Per Cent – Indians in America – and found it an intriguing insight into the Indian Diaspora in the US. It goes a  long way to explain how India has become such a leader in engaging its global Diaspora which now numbers 18 million. This book […]

Recent Trip to Pristhina, Kosovo


Always great to see young, talented, passionate and dynamic people engaging their Diaspora. So it was with the Kosovo group, Germin, who are doing terrific work…

Wales Learning From Irish Success


Delighted to speak at the Hay Festival in Wales recently regarding Wales in the wake up Brexit. Wales Keen to Engage Their Diaspora  

Inspirational Stories with Doug Gordon


Doug Gordon is a remarkable individual who runs a radio programme called “Inspirational Stories” on Dublin City FM.  He kindly asked me to come in and chat to him. Go ahead and have a listen.

Diaspora Philanthropy in Alliance Magazine


I recently had the pleasure of contributing to the diaspora philanthropy issue of Alliance Magazine.  In the March issue, I discuss The Skill of the Irish and New Diaspora Capital.

Jo Malone at Pendulum

Delighted to have had the chance to do a Q and A with Jo Malone at the Pendulum Summit in Dublin. Hers is a remarkable story – from a council house in Bexleyheath to one of the most admired entrepreneurs in the world. She dropped out of school at 15, never sat an exam, was […]

Pendulum Summit with Sir Richard Branson

Fantastic to MC the dinner with Sir Richard Branson as part of the Pendulum Summit – what a business rock star and he had us all enthralled at Pendulum as he told the story of how he started his first business at age 16 – the magazine ’Student’ and now his company Virgin Group controls […]

The Third Act Conference

Delighted to be speaking at the upcoming Third Act Conference in Dublin on November 9th in the Marker Hotel along with a stellar line up of local and international speakers. Hats off to founder and driver of the organisation, Dr. Edward Kelly, and this conference will see the exciting launch of the Third Act Talent […]

Ireland and Global Connectivity

Leo Varadkar and Ireland Inc. Possibly the most interesting announcement Leo Varadkar has made since becoming Taoiseach was the decision to double Ireland’s international presence over the next decade. Through more embassies and agencies the focus will be on investment, tourism, culture and food. The announcement didn’t attract a whole heap of attention but it […]

Address on Diaspora to Remittances Conference at the UN in New York

Delighted to get the opportunity to speak at the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) Conference in the UN in New York recently and to have the opportunity to bring focus on why Diasporas are now such an important dynamic in the global economy. Now only are remittances in excess of $575 billion annually but […]