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About Us

Who we are

The Networking Institute is comprised of a committed group of individuals who have decades of experience working in the core areas of  Philanthropy and Fundraising, Diaspora Engagement, and Speaking and Presenting. In all of these areas, networking is the glue that made everything possible. Collectively we have been exposed to a wide range of business experiences, spanning many geographies, helping us to develop depth in best practice and to define what success looks like in each of these critical areas of business success.

What we do

We’re passionate about the knowledge we have amassed over the years, and so our mission is to share this expertise with those who need it. We do this by developing online and offline programs  for corporates, individuals, governments and organisations, both in the private and not-for-profit sectors. We deliver our programs in a clear, light-hearted manner to ensure participants enjoy the experience, while improving their skill level in these key areas.

Why we do it

We think we have something unique to offer and we want to pass on what we have learnt through experience. We believe that by acquiring the skills we teach, and following the processes we suggest, that this will give individuals and organisations a competitive advantage. In a world where life is a game of inches, we are convinced that these soft skills are incredibly important and can be the difference between success and failure.

Our Team

Kingsley-Aikins The Networking Institute

Kingsley Aikins


Kingsley, an Economics and Politics graduate of Trinity College, Dublin, has lived and worked in six countries in a career in trade and investment, philanthropy, education, diaspora and tourism and has worked for major organisations, governments and countries. Throughout his extensive experience he has come to appreciate the power of Networking and he sees it as the ‘glue’ that makes everything happen.

The Networking Institute

Claire McDonough


Masters from the Harvard Graduate School of Design. Claire understands that aesthetic thinking enables the communication of complex concepts simply. This approach is a key factor in the strategy and design of the Training Programmes.


Margaret Morgan

Research and Course Development

Masters from the Harvard Graduate School of Education. Margaret evaluates and develops ever-changing networking content to deliver a product that is inspiring and educational.


Morgan Pierce

Marketing Specialist

Morgan is an engagement marketing expert, serial entrepreneur, speaker and growth hacker.  A graduate of Columbia University with a degree in Computer Science and Economics, she has worked in the multinational and SME sector. She is an advisor to SME businesses in Marketing and Fintech, helping navigate the complex world of engagement marketing and advising on go-to-market strategies that differentiate and deliver exponential results


Marcos Keaney

Content Marketing Specialsit

Professional and postgraduate diploma in Digital Marketing. Marcos is Digital Marketing Director at Castle33 Digital. He has over 4 years experience in creative content creation and oversees the implementation of content marketing strategies. He is helping grow The Networking Institute’s digital presence and his expertise in marketing is crucial to communicating their content to an online audience.


Creative Director

Dari is the Founder and Creative Director of Universal Favourite, the award-winning Sydney-based brand and digital studio. He has successfully lead the agency for over 10 years, during which time he has helped strategically build the design equity of many local and international brands.



After one hour speaking to Kingsley you walk away with a conviction that just about anything is possible when you draw on the collective strength of the networks around you.



Lucy Masterson

The Charities Institute

Thank you so much for the tremendous contribution you made to last night’s Annual Corporate Dinner. Your speech was right on the button – you made us laugh, you made us think and you made my clients feel good about what they were doing.


Paul Keogh

President Royal Institute of Architects

Really appreciated the partnership, support and perspective that you shared with us. Diasporas in Development was a fantastic experience largely because we were able to snag dynamic, talented, engaging people like you as thought and discussion leaders.


Nicholas Bassey


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