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Research shows that people who have strong and diverse networks live longer, are stronger mentally and physically, earn more money and live happier lives.

Networking is a way to build options and to gain alternatives before you need them. In a rapidly changing world where technology and globalisation are transforming and disrupting whole industries, networking helps you survive and thrive.

Online Networking Training Course

At The Networking Institute, we teach you the skills you need to develop and nurture business and personal relationships. Enroll in our Networking Course and, through a series of modules, learn how to change your behaviour, overcome your fears, and to ultimately become a well-connected and natural Networker.

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Networking Course - The Networking Institute Dublin Ireland

Recent Course Reviews

Gráinne Walsh
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Top notch! Concise and effective. Loved the fact that I could stop and start whenever. "Think and act" is where the magic lies. The PDF files useful for afterthought (maybe more of these?) Thanks so much for the opportunity to let me in to such a worthwhile topic, which alas is overlooked as a key "soft" skill.

Meet Your Instructor

Kingsley Aikins The Networking Institute

Kingsley Aikins

Kingsley, an Economics and Politics graduate from Trinity College Dublin, has lived and worked in 6 countries. He spent 8 years as the IDA Ireland and Enterprise Ireland representative in Sydney and then, for 17 years, was the Worldwide CEO of The Ireland Funds based in Boston before returning to Ireland and establishing The Networking Institute. Throughout his extensive career he has come to appreciate the power of Networking and he sees it as the ‘glue’ that makes everything happen.

As a result he and his colleagues have developed a unique and distinctive approach to Networking training and, through The Networking Institute, they want to share their methodology with a worldwide audience

Take the next steps in your personal and professional life with our self-led networking training course.