Diaspora Engagement

‘Lost Actors’ to ‘National Assets’

In today’s world, over 250 million people live outside their country of birth. The Internet facilitates engaging with Diasporas who, now more than ever, are keen to be connected to their home nation.

Governments and organisations that embrace their ‘Diaspora Capital’ can leverage the power of flows of people, knowledge and finance, turning ‘Brain Drain’ into ‘Brain Gain’ and ‘Brain Exchange’.

Online Diaspora Engagement Course

The Diaspora Engagement Course outlines what makes Diaspora Engagement so powerful and contemporary. It identifies the key factors for success in engaging your Diaspora and outlines strategies for doing so.

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Recent Course Reviews

Professor Liam Kennedy
Director, UCD Clinton Institute for American Studies
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The Diaspora Engagement Course is a phenomenal resource and training programme in diaspora networking. It takes you from the meaning of the word diaspora to illustrations of the various ways in which diasporas function as agents of change in economic, political and development sectors. It illuminates the power and potential of diasporas as transnational networks that enhance national outreach and engagement in this age of heightened global mobilities and interactions. Policymakers and practitioners will learn much both from the interactive training and the extensive bibliography of over 1000 resources. The fast-growing field of diaspora engagement has needed a "go to" site - it has now arrived.

Meet Your Instructor

Kingsley Aikins The Networking Institute

Kingsley Aikins

Kingsley Aikins is the founder of The Networking Institute and has a lifetime of involvement in the sector. Born in Ireland, he is an economics and politics graduate of Trinity College, Dublin. For 30 years Kingsley has worked throughout the world (London, Madrid, Boston and Sydney) in leading areas of Networking, Philanthropy & Fundraising and Diaspora Engagement. He has the experience, the research and the passion to make him a leading expert in networking.

He founded the Lansdowne Club in Sydney, which has become one of the largest Irish business networks in the world. With the Worldwide Ireland Funds, he was responsible for the five-year Hope and History Campaign to raise $100 million for projects in Ireland. He writes and speaks extensively on Philanthropy, Diaspora Engagement and Networking.

In 2008 Kingsley was awarded a CBE for his work on British-Irish relations.


Learn Diaspora engagement strategies from experienced experts who have worked with over 30 Diaspora globally. Explore what makes this topic so powerful and contemporary, and what are the key factors for successfully leveraging this powerful resource.

Start leveraging your country's 'Diaspora Capital' with our self-led Diaspora Engagement course