Diaspora Matters/FMI Commence 5 Million $ USAID Contract

Dublin based consultancy company, Diaspora Matters, have teamed up as implementing partner with Washington based company,FMI, who have been awarded a 5 year $5 million contract from USAID, the foreign aid arm of the US Government. The project is to implement the ‘Harnessing the BiH Diaspora for Economic Activity’ initiative. BiH refers to Bosnia Herzegovina. The US Government funded project will create new job opportunities across a range of sectors in Bosnia Herzegovina through increased diaspora investment, with an emphasis on providing capital to SMEs and startups.

Commenting on the announcement the project manager of FMI, the prime contractor, Adam Ebrahim said – “We are thrilled to be working with Diaspora Matters of Dublin who have a wealth of unique experience that will support USAID’s efforts to mobilise the Bosnia/Herzegovina diaspora and channel resources to create jobs. Ireland has been a world leader in developing innovative diaspora initiatives and Diaspora Matters have worked with over 30 countries in taking that knowledge to a global stage.”

CEO of Diaspora Matters, Kingsley Aikins, commented – “We are delighted to be part of this winning team and to be working with FMI and USAID. With over 2 million people in the Bosnian/Herzegovina diaspora the potential is obvious. Increasingly, countries, regions, cities and organisations are realising that they possess what we in Diaspora Matters refer to as Diaspora Capital that can be converted into jobs through trade and investment, tourism and culture, philanthropy, education and sport. Through this US Government supported project what were once ‘lost actors’ can now become ‘national assets’.

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