Jo Malone at Pendulum

Delighted to have had the chance to do a Q and A with Jo Malone at the Pendulum Summit in Dublin. Hers is a remarkable story – from a council house in Bexleyheath to one of the most admired entrepreneurs in the world. She dropped out of school at 15, never sat an exam, was diagnosed as dyslexic and yet went on to establish and develop a globally recognised brand. Along the way she met many challenges – like being diagnosed with cancer at age 37 and given nine months to live. Honesty, hard work and entrepreneurial grit are her hallmarks allied to a unique talent for pioneering innovation and originality within her field. She came across as very down to earth and grounded for someone who started in their kitchen and became an iconic global brand. When she was asked during the Q and A what was the key ingredient to her success she replied that it was something inside all of us – creativity.

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