The Other One Percent – Indians in America

Read this fascinating book recently – The Other One Per Cent – Indians in America – and found it an intriguing insight into the Indian Diaspora in the US. It goes a  long way to explain how India has become such a leader in engaging its global Diaspora which now numbers 18 million. This book […]

Irish Post Awards

Delighted to give the keynote address to the annual Irish Post Awards in London- stunning event with over 1500 people and televised live on TG4. Great to catch up with Award winner Bob Geldof. Hats off to Elgin Loane and his team at the Irish Post……they really know how to put on a classy Diaspora […]

RWC 2023 and the Diaspora

Close but no cigar as the commendable Irish bid to host the 2023 Rugby World Cup came up a tad short. On the merits Ireland deserved to win it but, at the end of the day, the money won out. Sad, and a reflection of our times and hard not to be a bit cynical. […]