Training individuals and organisations to reach their full potential through networking.

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The Value of Networking

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Our networks have shrunk! We now need to rebuild our networks and develop new ones.

People who have strong and diverse networks live longer, are stronger mentally and physically, earn more money and are happier.

By following a precise networking process you will advance your career and open up contacts and opportunities.

New Networking Course

‘The Value of Networking’ is a unique online training course. It guides you through the process, the principles and the practice of networking.

The course challenges you to address how you approach networking and offers behavioural changes you can make which, when done on a regular basis, become habits.

These are the key networking habits that will enable you to reach your full potential in your personal and professional life.
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Other Online Courses

Philanthropy & Fundraising

The number one challenge facing non-profits is to raise funds and be financially sustainable.

This online training course presents the essential process and practice required to raise philanthropic funds, with particular emphasis on the mechanics of running a capital campaign and building an effective board.

Diaspora Engagement

Over 280 million people now live outside the country they were born in. Technology and communications are now opening up increasing opportunities for Diaspora Engagement.

This online training course outlines how to engage your Diaspora and the required policies and strategies to support this.

Speaking & Presenting

For many people the number one fear in life is public speaking yet being able to speak compellingly is a huge career advantage.

This online training course offers strategies and skills to overcome this fear and help you become an expert public speaker.

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